Alone at Work

(‎11/‎21/‎2017 6:17 AM) TJ: Another day.. no one around. I’ve been isolated from society. I need some music or some food. Maybe some candy (no, not candy, I have had enough candy). Once more I find myself wondering where it all went wrong, how a person such as myself could provoke such isolation, such solitude from the rest of the business. Perhaps it will force me … Continue reading Alone at Work

Might Switch to a Hosting Plan

Currently, I run two other sites alongside the TJ Files: NotGreatWithWords and ThriftyDuo. For months I have struggled to find a theme that would display the content I want while providing the functionality I desire. I have had a hosting plan before, not through WordPress, but with GoDaddy. I left GoDaddy due to the extremely slow load times of my website, yet I find myself wanting the freedom to edit and alter the CSS of every theme I have come across (I blame my inner nerd). So what am I to do?  Continue reading “Might Switch to a Hosting Plan”