Alone at Work

(‎11/‎21/‎2017 6:17 AM) TJ: Another day.. no one around. I’ve been isolated from society. I need some music or some food. Maybe some candy (no, not candy, I have had enough candy). Once more I find myself wondering where it all went wrong, how a person such as myself could provoke such isolation, such solitude from the rest of the business. Perhaps it will force me … Continue reading Alone at Work

Another Big Move

When I received a job offer and the request to move to Atlanta, Georgia, I never thought I could move in just four weeks. The amount of planning and financial resources needed to make such a move in a short amount of time, especially over the Christmas and New Years holiday season made me question if I would be able to arrive in time. Eight months have passed since I first arrived in Atlanta. During this time I have undergone a personal and professional transformation.  Continue reading “Another Big Move”