Might Switch to a Hosting Plan

Currently, I run two other sites alongside the TJ Files: NotGreatWithWords and ThriftyDuo. For months I have struggled to find a theme that would display the content I want while providing the functionality I desire. I have had a hosting plan before, not through WordPress, but with GoDaddy. I left GoDaddy due to the extremely slow load times of my website, yet I find myself wanting the freedom to edit and alter the CSS of every theme I have come across (I blame my inner nerd). So what am I to do?  Continue reading “Might Switch to a Hosting Plan”


Moving Content

I am moving all my old domain content, TimelyMind.com, to its new home, NotGreatWithWords.com! As I am typing this posts, I am running thoughts through my mind of actually switching the domains around and using NotGreatWithWords.com as the domain to house my collection of papers, articles, and pages and TJfiles.com as my primary blog. I just mowed the yard and then jumped on the computer to register … Continue reading Moving Content