Old Themes

The past three themes I have chosen for this blog have been listed as “no longer supported” by WordPress.com. While this is discouraging, I understand why some authors make the choice to no longer support older themes. I imagine the time it takes to update CSS scripts to be compatible with the newer versions of WordPress as they are released does take time. I find this would be especially true of the free themes listed, as these would generate no revenue and still require the same upkeep as a theme that would. Keep reading

Moving Content

I am moving all my old domain content, TimelyMind.com, to its new home, NotGreatWithWords.com! As I am typing this posts, I am running thoughts through my mind of actually switching the domains around and using NotGreatWithWords.com as the domain to house my collection of papers, articles, and pages and TJfiles.com as my primary blog. I just mowed the yard and then jumped on the computer to register … Continue reading Moving Content

Why This Blog?

I decided that it might be in my best interest to separate my site that I use for storage of my academic papers from my blog. In the past, I have struggled with finding a theme which would support easy access to my writings collection, highlighting my newest works, while still allowing me to post regular blurbs about my life. So in my never-ending endeavor to streamline and simplify my online presence, I will begin a process to unmerge the two, but I think it will be easier to start anew with a blog. Continue reading “Why This Blog?”