Moved In

My wife and I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of our U-Pack moving trailer to arrive at our new home in Wisconsin. Well, that day came just before noon on Wednesday. The snow was falling, as it apparently does regularly in Wisconsin during this time of year, but this did not deter two Southeast people. For five hours in a snowstorm, we unload our … Continue reading Moved In

Why Wisconsin?

A year ago, this month, I was excited about walking across the stage for my bachelor degree, but also nervous because I had no plans for my future. I had attempted many times to get an internship. I went through many interviews, all of which left me with the same end, no leads and unemployment. With no set plans for the future of my career, or where I would go from that point?

I was in a state of uncertainty. That was until I received a call about a 6 month, post-graduation, co-op term out-of-state.  Continue reading “Why Wisconsin?”

Alone at Work

(‎11/‎21/‎2017 6:17 AM) TJ: Another day.. no one around. I’ve been isolated from society. I need some music or some food. Maybe some candy (no, not candy, I have had enough candy). Once more I find myself wondering where it all went wrong, how a person such as myself could provoke such isolation, such solitude from the rest of the business. Perhaps it will force me … Continue reading Alone at Work