Google’s New Calender

Everyone likes to remain organized and what better way to remain organized than to schedule meetings, reminders, and events both on the desktop and the phone? If you, like myself, hold a desk job, then scheduling meetings, projects, and reminders are part of your daily routine.

The problem is – work uses Microsoft 365 for business and I am not able to link to that using my personal computer or phone. Not that I would want to mix the two. At work, I will not be running personal errands or scheduling my visit to the store, so it is not really a problem. I do however plan around my work schedule by using the web-based platforms of Outlook and Google calendars.

I prefer Google calendar’s look and feel on my phone, a personal preference. So I decided to share my Google calendar with my work email, just so am able to have a better snapshot of my non-work related activities.

So how is this done?

Simple really. Google has changed their calendar look for the web version of the calendar to be more visually representative of the mobile design. This means the settings have changed and I will tell you where to find them.

  1. Head over to your Google calendar and, if you have upgraded to the new layout, the navigation pane on the left side will let you select your different calendars. googlecal01
  2. Under My Calendars, click the 3 vertical dots next to your calendar name to bring up options to access the settings or change the default color. We will be going into the Settings.googlecal02
  3. On the left navigation pane, there will be several options listed under Settings for my calenders. The one we are looking for is the Integrate calendar option.googlecal03
  4. After the screen scrolls to the Integrate calendar section of the settings, you have options for using your calendar with a public URL, embedding into a website, or adding to a public or private iCal.googlecal04.jpg
  5. To integrate the calendar with Outlook you will have to copy the code from one of the last two options. I chose the private calendar option since I do not want anyone else to have access to my calendar.
  6. Open your Outlook application and go to your calendars. To add the calendar in Outlook,  use the Open Calendar button on the ribbon or right-click on My Calendars in the navigation pane on the left of the screen. Then select the option to add a calendar from the internet.googlecal05.jpg
  7. Paste your Google calendar iCal link into the box and click OK. Your Google calendar will sync and then be available to you from now on in Outlook.


There you have it! So whether your preference is Outlook or Google, you can now link the Google calendar to your Outlook calendar.

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