Birthdays, Marta, and a Conversation

After I grew to a certain age, my birthdays have never been a big event for me. I never want a big party, go out to celebrate, or even receive gifts. I do not announce my birthday at work or in social settings because it really is not a big deal to me as it is to some. The one thing I look forward to about my birthday is not even a celebration, just the simple acknowledgment of my existence in the world from loved ones is sufficient enough to bring a smile to my face. Although I did thoroughly enjoy the chocolate cake my wife baked just for me, it was wonderful cake.

The Actual Birthday Cake

September marked my 37th day in this world and it has definitely been an interesting life thus far. A lot has happened in the year since my last birthday celebration – I graduated college, moved to Atlanta, started a career, and had another grandson. So how did I spend my celebration?

I am trying to be a bit more adventurous and social. I do not want my wife and me to become a reclusive couple. So with our upcoming move to Wisconsin within the next few months, we decided to try some things in Atlanta before we pack our things.

Last week when we ended up riding on the Marta rail train at night during an Atlanta United game. Some of these things are unscheduled and just happen. It was still a fun experience to ride on a train full of soccer fans, who were all pumped up for the game. So what made us ride the train in the first place? We were making a trial run to decide if it would be better for my wife to ride the train between her jobs versus driving. While the train did offer the better alternative of dealing with driving fatigue, it actually took longer than driving between locations.

There is always something in Atlanta that is interesting and provides me with a unique memory to share with my friends and family. The other day while approaching a traffic signal, I saw a man having an in-depth conversation with a tree. Sadly, this is not uncommon in parts of Atlanta. Some people need help and are unable to receive what they need. What made this really different from most, was that it rather quickly escalated into a heated argument. The man began to scream at the tree, a mad fit of rage, the type of rage that causes one to start spitting from their mouth as they scream. He began to physically attack the tree as I drove away. I continued to glance in my mirror until man and the tree slowly went out of sight. I felt such sorrow for the state of that poor man. If you live in Atlanta and need help, please contact Georgia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities or if a loved one needs help, contact to Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1-800-715-4225.

Georgia Crisis & Access Line

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