Why This Blog?

I decided that it might be in my best interest to separate my site that I use for storage of my academic papers from my blog. In the past, I have struggled with finding a theme which would support easy access to my writings collection, highlighting my newest works, while still allowing me to post regular blurbs about my life. So in my never-ending endeavor to streamline and simplify my online presence, I will begin a process to unmerge the two, but I think it will be easier to start anew with a blog.

Another area that I keep struggling with is naming, I am not always the best when it comes to putting my thoughts into words and naming. So I feel the name of my personal blog, NotGreatWithWords, fits quite nicely into this scope of my struggle. I would have chosen to replace ‘great’ with ‘good’ but that domain was registered, although there is nothing but a default template in place.

For my articles, papers, poetry, and academical items, I will migrate them to a different domain. Currently, they reside on TimelyMind.com, a name I feel is not really fitting to myself since I tend to be a bit on the sporadic side when posting.


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